Bride To Be

Rs. 6,499

For us women, there's simply nothing that gets us crazily happier than our best friend /sister who's soon to become a bride. The happiness is immeasurable and gets us all screaming with joy. Such is the bond that we women share with our sissy-missies. Which is why as soon as their wedding is announced spoiling & treating them with the absolute best becomes our top priority. Here’s our specially curated hamper for that BRIDE TO BE!

The hamper has been curated in a way so as the to be bride can wear one set for her pre shoot, one for the wedding and one for the memorable honeymoon! A truly thoughtfully created hamper covering the most important events! Don’t forget they’re reusable and will last her for a while.

In the Hamper: There are 3 sets in total. 1 set of medium round, 1 set of medium almond and 1 set of long square.

Make this hamper even more special by adding a personal note. Mail us your message with your order details and we’ll send a handwritten note in the hamper.

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